— 20 Writing Prompts Challenge —

#1 Two Advice Drable – Slice of Life
Yaitu, sabar dan shalat.
#2 Ridiculous Drabble – Fluff
Ah … Soo, kenapa kau begitu polos tapi juga penuh tipu?
#3 Stranger Ficlet – Slice of Life
Tidak kusangka, orang asing itu tidak penting dan berbahaya.
#4 Let Me Be Jealous Ficlet – Psicology
Sebatas curahan hati manusia tak tahu diri.
#5 Captious Ficlet – Crime
The falsity is his soul.
#6 Tired Drabble – Dark
Might be, i’m tired to sleep.
#7 Kai’s Revenge Oneshoot – Comedy
Ketahuilah, pembalasan selalu menjadi dua kali lipat lebih kejam.
#8 Shade Off Oneshoot – Friendship
Seperti halnya sebuah warna yang perlahan memudar, dan berubah.
#9 Lost Time Oneshoot – Family
It’s never to late for mend.
#10 Falsehood Drabble – Fantasy
Giving attention because of leery.
#11 The Greatest Price Ficlet – Family
They are greatest price from God.
#12 Bapak Pertiwi Drabble – Family
Maybe, he is jealous.
#13 Mom, I Love You Ficlet – Family
Indeed, she is my everything.
#14 Again and Again Drabble – Fluff
He didn’t change.
#15 Love Yourself
#16 Temporize
#17 Strong With You
#18 With Cony
#19 Magniloquent
#20 White Love

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